Why does Chengdu position itself as the capital of Southwest Chinese art?

Chengdu represents a city that is not only considered the capital of Sichuan, but also of art in Southwest China. In fact, this city has established itself as the art capital of the whole of Southwest China for many reasons. Would you like to discover it? If so, we invite you to learn more about these reasons in this article.

The Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art

Located in the southwest of China, the city of Chengdu is described by art collector Adrian Cheng as a true art scene. This is actually due to the numerous museums he has at his disposal. In addition to the old museums, the big city also has two new museums. In fact, it is these two museums that make Chengdu a capital of art recognised by the Southwest. The museum in question is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is one of the new biennial institutions that this big city has to offer. It is funded by the state and is located in the Tianfu Art Park in Sichuan. In addition, you should know that it is built on the lakeshore and is mainly managed by the Chengdu Academy of Art. Its area is more than three hundred and fifty-five thousand square feet. It positions itself as a center for local art, but also for foreign art. It includes eight galleries, public spaces, educational spaces, art storage, multi-purpose art spaces and Chinese as well as international artworks.

The Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum

As for this second museum newly created in this city, it has an area of more than four hundred and thirty thousand square feet. It includes thirteen galleries, four public education rooms, facilities for storing art objects and university lecture halls. The main objective of the museum is to research and collect local art while preserving the historical context of the art. This context must be international as well as national. Like the first museum, this one also has more than five hundred works of art. These artworks belong to Chinese artists and also international artists.