Where to buy a good handpan at a better price?

The handpan is classified as a percussion instrument, with delicacy, the player can reach more than one heart. Overall, the handpan is a tool that gives music of relaxation, relaxation. You want to own this exceptional musical instrument, but you don't know where to buy it. So read on to find out where to get your handpan.

Discover value for money handpan deals

When buying the handpan, it is important to make sure that you get a quality instrument. Thus, in search of quality, it is advisable to go to a specialized site to find handpan for sale. To access the handpans put up for sale, you just need to log in directly and look at the different categories of handpan offered on the platform. You will see a large selection of handpans from the re-mineur range. It comes in black 9 and 10 notes, priced at $1,190. There are also the 10-note handpans in blue, green, gold and others that are sold only from $1,390. The 13 and 17 notes, gold and blue gold are priced at $1,890. The handpan is therefore delivered according to the instrument you select. Within a reasonable period of 10 working days, you will be in possession of your handpan. However, it is useful to specify some essential criteria for selecting a handpan.

Choosing the handpan based on its rating and frequency

It is recommended for the beginner to take a handpan of note 9 or even 17. These are handpan notes that emit sounds that are peculiar enough to allow the novice to create their own melody that is not too daring, nor too shy. The handpan of 10 is the one assigned to the intermediate level player. As for the expert musician, he can play any note of the handpan. As far as frequencies are concerned, it all depends on what the player wants to do with it. In general, the 440 Hz frequency is quite bold. It is suitable for group music, celebrations and the like. On the other hand, the 432 Hz frequency is the one that defines the nature of the handpan. Indeed, it has a mysterious connotation. Thanks to the vibrations emitted on this frequency, many patients are able to concentrate on their bodies and minds. This has therapeutic virtues on most of them.