What tasks can be performed with an accounting software for your micro-business?

The management of your company's accounting is a very important thing to ensure its sustainability. If you have a micro-business, then you need an accounting software that is easy to use and has a wide range of features. Here we present you with some tasks that you can perform with such a software. You will have more details in the following lines.

Editing accounting statements

An accounting software allows you to edit your accounting statements and to keep the general and subsidiary accounting balances. You can get more info on how to make accounting records with an accounting software. Because this functionality is quite favorable if the user is not an expert in accounting.
Management of accounting journals and general accounts
With the accounting software, you have the possibility to create accounting journals. The software offers you the possibility to create your own charts of accounts. The software offers you the possibility to create your own charts of accounts, so there are no constraints with the basic charts.

Use of auxiliary accounts

This feature allows you to create a sub-account for each partner or customer. This means auxiliary supplier accounts and auxiliary customer accounts. In this way, you can link all the accounts to the centralizing account. In addition, some software programs allow the creation of sub-accounts for personnel remuneration.
Opening or closing of financial years and archiving of data
Here you can work on the next fiscal year without having to close the current year. You can also consult the accounting for the years that have been finally closed. In addition, you can archive your data. 

Data management

The accounting software allows you to easily store and manage your data for greater security. This functionality translates into the import and export of data from or to other applications. It is recommended that you perform regular data recovery tests.