Top 4 tools to create your chatbot messenger

Nowadays, there are several ways to have conversations on social media. Among them we can mention the chatbot, a real conversational means. But to benefit from the advantages of the latter, you need to create it. Discover in this content, the tools needed to create your chatbot.



Botsify is a very efficient tool that allows you to create your chatbot if you don't have a mastery of coding techniques. It is used for a website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WordPress. Check the weblink for more information. Particularly, this tool allows you to standardize all the discussions made on the various media. Moreover, it is used by prestigious brands like Spotify and Toyota. To put it briefly, it can be summarized as:

-Very easy to use;

-Standardizes chatbots from different media;

-Has excellent customer service;

-Provides excellent value for money.


Flow XO

Flow XO is also a very powerful tool that allows you to use your chatbot on many sites. It is a tool that allows you to admit information through surveys. Its free version is accessible up to 500 users. But beyond that number, you will be forced to use the premium version and thus pay a fee of $19 per month.



HubSpot is also a tool that allows you to create your chabot for free. It has a fairly moderate interface that promotes the exchange with your customer or visitor.  It also allows the creation of chatbots very perfect for reviewing leads, setting meetings and giving answers to possible concerns automatically. In short, this tool has:

-A very intuitive Interface;

-Numerous conversation templates available;

-Excellent customer support;

-Full customization of the chatbot;

-Good human and natural conversations;

-No code and free tool. 



The other site for creating chatbots is Chatfuel. It is mainly made for chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. It is a tool that is very appreciated by many users because of its efficiency and ease of use. It is also used to link Facebook Ads in order to study at best, the qualities of posts. Chatfuel is therefore characterized by :

-Very easy to use;

-Adds any type of media;

-A schedule of FAQs to help your users know you better through the chatbot ;

-Very affordable premium offer.