How to wear hoodies: combination, style and color

The styles that are formed with hoodies are diverse and varied; everyone is likely to find what suits him. Either way, you need a balanced ensemble, and it depends on the combination you make.

Thinking about wearing hoodies: the look

You may or may not already know this, but hoodies are initially sporty. It's a piece that makes you comfortable and allows you to relax while you wear it. Most importantly, it's the total look or the rendering that counts. So, for example, try pairing it with a French collar shirt on the bottom; this will give a strong contrast to the whole look. However, an exaggeration on the contrast can also spoil the deal: try simple colors like black on white for example. Add a bracelet of your choice to the ensemble for added class. At you will have quite a few types of Japanese bracelets that you can choose from according to your desires.

Hoodies: color, an important element for your combinations

When it comes to colors, first start by looking at the simplest ones like blue, burgundy and gray. Just with these three first, you can make various combinations: a blue or raw jean goes well with a burgundy chino. You probably want the sportswear range; if so, avoid hoodies with white cords. On the other hand, the color khaki is also recommended going on this standard. A way for you to bring a difference or originality to your total look.

Let's talk about styles or combinations with hoodies

It is possible to adapt it to several styles that it is casual, streetwear, sportswear, etc, except that it is not a pass everywhere. When it comes to the casual look, the combination of a hoodie with flannel pants accompanied by sneakers would be great. Adding a coat to top it off will make you look even more chic and stylish. If you want an out look streetwear, put for example an oversised sweatshirt over a tee to let it stand out, so a little longer. It's already a trendy style, but it gets cooler when you add a bomber or something like the denim jacket.