Discover Wejdene, the young singer with incredible talent.

For some time now, many artists have been born and stand out through social media, including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. These social networks and in particular TikTok, reveal the hidden talent of several young artists. This is the case with Wejdene. In this article, discover the new star with magical artistic talent who continues to be talked about on various social networks.

Who is Wejdene?

Born April 23, 2004 in Saint-Denis in Seine-Saint-Denis, Wejdene Chaib known by her artist name Wejdene, is a French RnB (Rhythm and Blues) singer. Originally from Tunisia, she spent her childhood in La Courneuve before settling in Brunoy en Essonne with her family. Coming from a family of four, her mother is a caregiver and her father is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. Wejdene has been singing from a young age with her father. She is an autodidact who writes her own texts.

How is she becoming the new musical star?

From the start of 2019, Wejdene opens an instagram account. In November, she was noticed by her future manager Feuneu, producer for the label Guette Music. Feuneu was from the same neighborhood as the young artist. He produced his first music video in December titled: J’attends (I wait), followed by a second in February: J’peux dead (I can dead). The young artist was a hit thanks to the publication in April 2020, of the first video of her song Anissa on the social network TikTok. It then offers its subscribers a challenge, but Internet users have offered another based on a cover of the lyrics and choreography. What was reproduced in a few months by more than 850,000 users. The buzz then spread to streaming platforms and she clip it in late May. On June 30, Anissa was certified gold and then platinum in mid-August. Wejdene became a celebrity and a star when her clip, posted on May 27, reached nearly 7 million views on YouTube. She signed with the Caroline label, a component of Universal Music Group, in mid-June.