Yeah, it´s another Freebie. This is for all you Alliance WoW Guilds out there. Or maybe it´s not. I know, most people don´t use external raid-calendars like phpraid anymore, but some still do, and this pack is for those people. Sorry Hordies, Alliance only. We’ve been using those icons on our own raid calendar for a long time, but now we use the internal calendar and we don´t need it anymore so i thought i´d release the icons to the public for download.

I just added the WOTLK Raid Icons, added the death knight class icon and adjusted some smaller things. There are 2 version of the Race icons, so you have a pink and a blue version for every race, if your calendar allows you to assign genders to your chars.

Click here to download the free World of Warcraft icon pack

I hope you like em and can do something with it. Included are 40 Icons that don´t look like your default raid calendar icons or those icons in the Real Virtual world. I came up with the raid and class icons on my own and gave the gender icons a nice little twist by adding what your psp dealer would call an “ambilight” lol.

You might want to back up your files before installing them. Since every calendar works differently, you might have to make some adjustments to make them work, but in most cases you probably just have to copy them in your phpraider/phpraid/whateveryouuse imagefolder. For more Information read the included read me file. And Now: Play! Plan!

If you want me to do one for the Horde, leave it in the comments.