Yep, dear readers, here is a Freebie for you. I made you some glossy shiny totally awesome web2.0 icons! For Twitter and for RSS. More will follow soon, so stay tuned.

web 2.0 style free TWITTER ICONweb 2.0 style free RSS ICON

I didn´t want them to be as plain as your default web2.0 style icons, but still make them feel 2.0 – i think i did a good job, but you decide. Included are  2 designs  in sizes between 256×256 and 32×32. including hover images that makes a total of 16 files.

You can use these free Twitter Icons and free RSS Icons for everything you want. All i ask for in return is a comment on this post here. You´re already there, so what are you waiting for? :D I do not ask for a back-link in return, but i would definitely appreciate it very much.

If you know other great icons, post links to them, i always love a spoon of inspiration.

More Freebies coming up. Fonts, Wallpapers, Twitter icons, RSS icons, E-Mail icons, etc… Stuff that you never can have enough of :D if you don´t want to miss it, sign up for my feed or follow me on Twitter.

Download Free Twitter and RSS Icons