I proudly present: YayWB

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Hey you! Did you know that you totally rock? Yes you do! But only if you take a look at my t-shirt shop over at Yaywb.com ;) . Yay! Whatever, baby!  Those Shirts online there now are not new, I designed them over the last years. But There will be …

Car Chase Collection

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This is the Car Chase Collection. Music that will make you flee. Oh, that wasn’t a good start, was it? Nope. So let’s try it again: This is the Car Chase Collection. A Collection of songs that would make a great audio-track for a car chasing scene in a movie. …

Spreadshirt Premium and what’s wrong with it.

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I’ve been working on my t-shirt shop for some days now and I just wanted to share my experiences and my thoughts here on my blog. As some of you know, I purchased a Spreadshirt(.net) Premium account some weeks ago to sell my shirt designs and to start building my …

[Tag] Über Gott und die Welt

1.) Greife das Buch, welches Dir am nächsten ist, schlage Seite 18 auf und zitiere Zeile 4.
be done. This isn’t a rant against the computer or the “rules” it’s simply
(Aus “Handjob – Catalog of Type von Michael Perry)
2.) Strecke Deinen linken Arm so weit wie möglich aus. Was hältst du …

The Ultimate Twitter Guide Guide pt. 1

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No, I didn’t accidentally repeat “Guide”. This is a Guide to Twitter Guides. In other words: Another Twitter Guide Rant. I actually don’t agree with any Guides you read on other sites, because they all basically have the same flaw in their Logic: It has to be your target to …


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…that won´t come true.
April 29th: WordPress 2.8 is released
April 30th: Shops are open, but offices are not.
May 1st: I become a Master of jquery, just through a dream I had.
May 1st: Microsoft announces that the Internet Explorer is discontinued.
June 4th to 8th: No Rain.
June 4th, 9AM: The Securities at Rock …

an open letter + a sad day

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This is mainly directed at the german audience, but since my blog is read all over the world and i once decided to blog exclusively in english, i decided to write this one in english too. Take it as an overview of the situation for online gamers but also for …

Wii for Women.

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I know what my Girlfriend will get for her Birthday :D All those Games actually make sense!

13 Things you shouldn´t do on twitter

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In Germany there is a saying “Das schießt den Vogel ab”. Translated it means “That shoots the bird down” and you say it if something crossed the line and is completely wrong. I thought this little journey into my native culture might be a good introduction to this post. But …

The 19 best twitter backgrounds…

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…. I saw this week ; )
This week on my personal tasklist: Make a new twitterbackground for my twitter profile. But before I finish it present this masterpiece to the world, I wanna show you some other beautiful twitter backgrounds that i stumbled upon while looking for inspiration. Now i …

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